Website Enhancement

Aveza’s web enhancement services include making your website responsive and adaptive in design and development. We offer enhancements that go beyond just coding. We provide design and usability enhancements for different kinds of users and devices.

Our Website Enhancements activities include:

  • We make it simple and easy for the user to find information.
  • We make sure that your website functions flawlessly on any device.
  • We ensure the layout adjusts itself nicely to different screens- to suit the device the user has- mobile, tablet, desktop.
  • We make sure your content looks attractive, is easy to read and actions are easy to perform.
  • We make sites that are friendly to different browsers, platforms and user interfaces. Content that is presented on three pages can be beautifully abridged to just one page.
  • We make it easier for the user to find everything they want in just a couple of clicks.

Progressive Enhancement

  • We believe in progressive enhancement when it comes to building websites and mobile applications.
  • We follow a multi-layered approach of HTML, CSS and Javascript.and more advanced functionality depending on client needs.
  • We know that people these days prefer to use the web on their smartphones. And we are experts at building high-performance sites and apps for mobile users.
  • We specialize in ecommerce and mcommerce site enhancement.

Highlights of our Enhancement activities

Other web performance enhancements we offer are

  • Improvement of page load speeds of your website
  • Optimization of images
  • File compression
  • Minification code
  • Raster substitution
  • Web cache optimization

For us at Aveza, user experience is paramount. Aesthetics, flexibility, accessibility and ease of use are cherished values that inform every aspect of our web design and development.

Talk to our team to find out what kind of enhancements your website needs.

Client Feedback

  • “Aveza has provided us with the technological expertise for our website development and maintenance. Ken and his team are knowledgeable, expedient and creative to solve our problems efficiently and effectively to keep us online and meeting the needs of our membership.”

    Justin Pauly
    Director of Communications
    Georgia School Boards Association

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